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Shanghai koko valve group co., LTD. Is founded1987Years,In the tide of reform and opening up surging ahead,Over the years has accumulated rich experience in valve manufacturing,To stable development。Shanghai koko has research and development、Manufacturing、Detection、Test capability,Product structure is reasonable,Unique and exquisite craftsmanship、Complete specifications、Quality is reliable。Shanghai coco mainly adopts the United StatesAPI、ANSI、The United KingdomBS、GermanyDIN、FranceNF、JapanJIS、JPI、ChinaGBSuch as the standard,Manufacturing butterfly valve、Gate valves、Ball valve、Globe valve、The check valve、Plunger valve、Plug valves、The regulator、Control valve、The steam trap、Pressure reducing valve、Power station valve、Filters, etc,And can make various special valves according to user requirements......

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